Every product must have a strategy to help define the direction, the path to take. We create a vision that actually works for short and long-term goals, a vision responsive to the always on-change market variables. Our main goals are: users, business and technology. With this mix, we can put together all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to shape a successful strategy.


We use a variety of techniques and tactics to learn and understand what users want. It is key to determine when to use which set of methods. We view our User Experience Research along a 3-dimensional framework based on: attitudinal - behavioral, qualitative - quantitative and the context of use.

The attitudinal - behavioral dimension refers to what users say compared to what users actually do and most of the cases, the two are very different.

The qualitative - quantitative dimension is a very important one. For qualitative studies, we generate data about user behavior based on direct interaction, observing them directly and for quantitative research, we gather the data indirectly, via surveys or analytics software. The reports help us to answer questions about where we have problems, why and how to fix.

The context of product use explains us how and if the participants use the product or service. We structure this in: natural or near-natural use of the product, scripted use of the product, not using the product during the study, a hybrid of the above.


The product or service must be oriented to business and market objectives. User and business requirements are often a match, however most likely never a perfect fit. We need to obtain the exact business requirements from the product owner and understand the market, competition, short and long-term goals as well as key milestones. With this mix, we can form a business requirements model.


Having known all the important aspects of the product shape, form and direction, we can now properly address the type of technology to be used. We work to learn how each tool and technology work, its strengths and limitations, development and maintenance costs. We determine if and what existing technology can be used, as well as the requirements and specs for custom developed software.

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